Active Trips is a marketplace that eases the access to different active experiences. 

Our vision is to connect you to the most inspiring experiences to spice up your journey. The reason is simple - We are created for movement.


CONNECTION - Active Trips connects the journeys of like-minded people. When you exercise, the thoughts of your busy life get quieter, your senses become sharper and your breathing synchronises with the nature around you. You are one with the track, the trail or the waves. And you are connected with yourself.

PROUDNESS - You experiencing proudness when you challenge yourself, when the difficulties are not an obstacle for you, when you are ready to take the road less travelled. Be proud. Be the inspiration.

VIBRANCE - In motion, you see and feel the clarity of being alive - the saturated colours vibrating through the pulsating energy around you. Active Trips is full of energy and passionate about an active lifestyle.